Imaction in English

Imaction is a training company based in Vantaa, Finland. We help people lead themselves, influence others and achieve results through collaboration.

Our training services cover self leadership and time management, influencing and collaboration skills and team building workshops. We currently have over 1,000 participants in our workshops annually. All of our tailored learning solutions are available in English and Finnish.

Imaction is headed by Jari Vuorenmaa. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Phone: +358 40 5030117

Address: Imaction, Kivivuorentie 12 B 16, FI-01620 Vantaa, Finland

Jari Vuorenmaa on Imactionin valmentaja ja kouluttaja. Imaction — valmennukset asiantuntijatyön haasteisiin.